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Four Hampton University Students Create Company that Uses Technology to Revolutionize the Way Solar is Collected
10/16/2018 - #68

HAMPTON, Va. (October 16, 2018)  Four students, three Hampton University alumni, and one current student, have officially started Generators Incorporated, a company utilizing repurposed NASA technology to revolutionize the way solar is collected. The team of Hamptonians spent two semesters last year working on the project and overall, Generators Inc. has seen a fair amount of success within a very short period of time.

“Here at this institution of higher learning, we encourage our students to find their passion and create something great along the way. These students have done just that,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey.

Generators Incorporated owners, Andrew Gray (Chief Marketing Officer), Miriam Mitaishvili (Chief Operating Officer), Peter Odegeami (Chief Financial Officer), and Alexis Morgan (Chief Executive Officer) were brought together by their professor and now mentor, Dr. Oliver Jones after President Harvey introduced Dr. Jones to Dr. M von Nkosi, founder of the Institute for Local Innovations (ILI). The ILI hosts the Technology Implementation Market Engine (T.I.M.E.) Challenge, which allows students to choose and develop new applications for items from an expansive portfolio of NASA technology. Dr. Harvey asked Dr. Jones to ensure that Hampton University participated in the 2017 competition, prompting him to develop a lesson plan with the Buckman School of Business.

After a preliminary selection, Dr. Jones chose the strongest teams and took them to New Orleans for the T.I.M.E. Challenge. Generators Inc. was presented in front of a panel, which helped spark their success and enable them to gain a large amount of attention and support for their concept. Currently, Generators Inc. has a market readiness estimation of 13-14 months and they’re anticipating a substantial amount of growth upon release.

“Though there are yet many steps to take to become a successful company, I believe in the mission of Generators Inc., and I am sure that people will soon learn about us, as a company that continually brings a positive change to the world,” said Mitaishvili.

Generators Inc. has a goal to tackle various issues, including residential tension, gentrification, and energy efficiency and to transfer this advanced technology to islands such as Puerto Rico, Jamaica and others that suffered from hurricane damages within the Caribbean area.

“Representing Hampton University has taken me places I’ve never been. As an athlete for the tennis team, you get used to it. I never expected to represent Hampton through the T.I.M.E. Challenge or anything else I’ve done,” said Odegami. “I encourage others to get out and see what they can do at their HBCU’s.”

During their two semesters of their undergraduate tenure, each student dedicated three or more hours a day working on Generators Inc. These creations have been an important part of their everyday lives.

“I am proud to be an affiliate with this company from its inception. I believe this company has the potential to be the most successful global corporation. Because of Generators Inc.’s success, we now have 90+ HU visionaries who’ve submitted to the 2018 T.I.M.E Challenge. Go HU,” said Dr. Jones.

Generators Inc. remains a successful growing product and each owner is excited for the future success of their growing company.


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