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Wilford Kale: HRBooks review: 'Principles of Leadership' details tips of HU president
12/12/2017 - #111

The Daily Press has reviewed Hampton University President Dr. Harvey's latest book Principles of Leadership: The Harvey Leadership Model. Provided is a snippet of the review written by Wilford Kale, to read the full book review follow the link below.   

William R. Harvey is a nationally respected educator, entrepreneur, community and civil leader, consensus builder and motivator. Consequently, it is not surprising that he would have developed a methodology for his personal leadership.

“Principles of Leadership —The Harvey Leadership Model,” is a recently published book by Harvey, Hampton University’s president for nearly 40 years. It is a prime example of his desire to enrich leadership with tools for achievement.

There are 10 principles in his leadership model: vision, work ethic, team building, management, fiscal conservatism, academic excellence, innovation, courage, fairness and goal-directed results.

Harvey wrote, “My objective in writing this book is to share (my) model and its core values, characteristics and principles as one successful model that others may choose to emulate if they so desire.” The model is his, but he acknowledges that the work of a number of other people went into the development of his plan.



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