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Virtual Commissioning Ceremony Was Brief, Brilliant, and Beneficial
05/16/2020 - #241

HAMPTON, Va. (May 16, 2020) – From Lt. Claude Vann, III:  Hamptonians: Yesterday's commissioning ceremony was a tremendous success.  I hope many of you had the opportunity to hear GEN(R) Vincent Brooks.  I really enjoyed his words and I am sure the 17 Lieutenants found them to be interesting.  Below you will find the link to the ceremony, at the 2:24 mark the ceremony begins and GEN Brooks remarks begin at the 38:18 minute mark.  There were video clips from the Secretary of the Army, Chief of Staff, the TRADOC Commanding General, at the Cadet Command Commanding General.  The Pirate Team put together a great presentation.

https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1IOuvl77mjURY1dWyhnSm7wwnIgzmm0YC [drive.google.com]https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1IOuvl77mjURY1dWyhnSm7wwnIgzmm0YC [drive.google.com]

Here is the Readers Digest version if you don't get a chance to view the video:

 GEN Brooks remarks could be summed up in five words:

1) Congratulations, 2) Thank-you 3) Listen 4) Learn 5) Lead

 One of GEN Brooks' anecdotes was a question he is often asked by young officers, How do you become a General?  His reply which I am paraphrasing was, " Be a very good Lieutenant, Captain, etc.  At every level you must be at your best.

 GEN Brooks recognized Hampton's Legacy of Outstanding leaders, he mentioned by name these Flag Officers that he had personal contact(speculation on my part): MG Holmes, MG Arnold, LTG Ferrell, LTG Williams, RADM Trent-Adams,  MG Brunson, and BG Birckhead.

 There were 17 Lieutenants that were commissioned; 10 were selected for active duty, 5 will serve in the Reserves, and 2 in the National Guard.  For the active duty folks, I presume there first duty station will be at their Basic Officer Leadership Course(BOLC) location.  I am sure many of you are aware of the Secretary of Defense no movement order that I believe is in effect until the end of June, stay tuned to changes that are certain to occur.

 There were over 394 individuals on the live stream broadcast.  LTC Marquis will look into conducting a live stream broadcast in future commissioning ceremonies,  in addition to the actual ceremony when things get back to normal.

 Once again the ceremony was great, it could only have been better if COVID-19 had never showed up.


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Claude Vann, III

Class of 1977


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