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Student Success Center Opens for Hampton University Students
09/29/2017 - #50

HAMPTON, Va. (Sept. 29, 2017) — Hampton University celebrated the official opening of its Student Success Center with a ribbon cutting by President Dr. William R. Harvey, Vice President for Administrative Services Dr. Barbara L. Inman, Director of Student Success Center Morgan Russell, Student Government Association President Martha Baye and hundreds of students. The day marks the culmination of Dr. Harvey’s vision to help every new student graduate.

 “The main purpose for the student success center is to improve our retention rate and graduation rate in order to continuously improve the persistence towards graduation,” Dr. Harvey said. “When we say that Hampton University is THE Standard of Excellence, we mean it.”

The Hampton University Student Success Center helps new students navigate through their first year of college and beyond with an Individual Plan for Academic Success (I-PASS).  In addition to academic support, the center provides counseling, tutoring services and encourages fruitful engagement between students and faculty.  A $600,000 grant from The Mellon Foundation funded the center.

“There is no one individual who is responsible for this success.  It is a team effort. It is what Hampton has done for nearly 150 years and something that I have been honored to experience in 40 years as president,” Harvey said.

In addition, The Student Success Center offers support to further academic success, retention and increase the graduation rates for all future Hampton University undergraduate students.

The Office of Freshman Studies and the Student Success Center work with each School and academic support program within Hampton University continuously from each student’s matriculation to graduation day.  The goal of the Student Success Center is to increase student retention rates, focus on academic success and achievement through intervention, and ultimately, to increase Hampton University’s graduation rate.

Each freshman is tracked from matriculation through graduation.  Each student is evaluated and prescribed effective learning practices. The intent is to determine student challenges and match students with the resources and courses that they need to excel.

Using assessments, academic advising, group counseling, programming, tutoring and education, academic advisors provide each student with and I-PASS (prescription for success). The I-PASS equips student with specific, long range, accurate plans for individual academic goals. The academic advisors also will assist students in getting free tutoring, coaching and continually monitor student performance and progress.

The result of The Student Success Center is that everyone studying at Hampton University will get the guidance he or she needs to achieve success and excellence.

“In 1868, our illustrious founder General Samuel Armstrong said in an address to the students, faculty and staff, ‘I want everything at my institution to excel’ and I want you to know that the 12th president wants the same,” Dr. Harvey said.


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