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Star Jones visits HU to Discuss Election 2016 and Her Next Big Project
11/07/2016 - #84
Hampton, Va.—  Students at Hampton University's Scripps Howard School of Jornalism and Communications had the rare opportunity to meet Emmy nominated television host and attorney Star Jones.

Speaking to a room full of students,  Jones opened up about her time as co-host for “The View,” her upcoming project as an Executive Producer of a new series and more importantly, her reasoning for supporting Hillary Clinton in this years election.

“I am a surrogate for Secretary Clinton for a couple of reasons,” said Jones. “I have known her for more than two decades.” 

Jones is a former New York City homicide prosecutor. She dealt mainly with cases that had “witness problems,” meaning the witnesses were reluctant to testify. 

“I think this was the beginning of me saying, I want to be a voice for the voiceless,” said Jones.

Jones began looking for mentors and Hillary Clinton was one of them.

“She was the kind of lawyer I wanted to be,” she said.

Jones said she was moved by Clinton’s decision not to work on Wall Street right out of law school. Instead, Clinton chose to work for the "Children’s Defense Fund,” a non-profit that seeks to ensure all children are given equal opportunities.  

“I knew of her before I knew her. I admired her work and the kind of lawyer and professional she would be,” said Jones. 

In regards to the upcoming election, Jones is a staunch advocate of equal pay for equal work. That is why she stands by Clinton who, historically, has been an advocate for women and families.

“This will always be my number one issue as long as it is still an issue.” 

“We are still $.78 to a mans dollar,” said Jones. "For black women, we are at $.66 to $.68 to a mans dollar and Latina women are $.56 to $.58. If you don’t get equal pay for equal work that impacts your family, plain and simple. That starts the economic divide.”

Jones said that in order to bridge the gap, people need to stop making equal pay an issue that only affects women, but one that affects families. 

“A family issue makes it a community issue. A community issue gets it on the ballot,” said Jones.

Jones talked about growing up in the projects of New Jersey, but says she was always raised to dream beyond her circumstances. 

She expressed gratitude for the opportunities and experiences she has been afforded.

“But along the way I have had some huge stumbles, but I have gotten up each and every time. I think I learned more from the setbacks than the successes,” Star Jones. 

After being released from her role as co-host on ABC’s “The View,” Jones said, "I learned not to put all of my eggs in one basket.” 

Today, Jones wears many hats. She is the Executive Producer of the new television series, “Daytime Divas."
Vanessa Williams will star in the series which is scheduled to air on VH1.
The series is based on a book that Jones wrote in 2011, “Satan’s Sisters." It centers on a group of women who work for a daytime talk show, 'The Lunch Hour.' 


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