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Own a Piece of Hampton University History: Purchase a copy of 'Hampton University: Celebrating a Legacy and a Legend of Excellence' Today
11/13/2018 - #100

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Own a limited-edition piece of Hampton University history by purchasing your copy of “Hampton University: Celebrating a Legacy and a Legend of Excellence” today. On sale now, the commemorative volume ($150.00, hardcover) celebrates the 150-year history of this dynamic, progressive institution of higher education, a leader among the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities, as well as 40 years of unparalleled visionary leadership by President Dr. William R. Harvey.

Since its inception as Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, twelve innovative presidents have played a pivotal role in transforming the school from its humble beginnings into a twenty-first-century world-class institution. The current and longest-serving president, Dr. William R. Harvey, has propelled the institution into a national treasure. This volume also celebrates forty years of his legendary leadership.

“Hampton University: Celebrating a Legacy and a Legend of Excellence” is a pictorial history, documenting the extraordinary stories of this special place and reminding us of the countless individuals responsible for making Hampton University what it is today. The book consists of four parts: Part I: "Institutional History" chronicles the school's transformation and examines the philosophical ideal on which it was built from its beginnings in 1868 throughout 1977, just before the administration of Hampton University’s twelfth president began. Part II: “40 Years of Legendary Leadership” showcases the phenomenally transformative years of the Harvey administration. Readers gain insight in the role that family plays in Dr. Harvey’s success, while also appreciating the extent to which his accomplishments have shaped the domestic and international landscape. While the two celebratory benchmarks are indeed noteworthy, Part III: “Family of Values and Legacy of Success” reminds the reader that Hampton’s success goes beyond those who are highlighted in this book. The “Collage of the Extended Hampton University Family,” also a part of this section, is meant to honor all students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, politicians, community leaders— some distinguished, others unsung heroes-who have left an indelible mark on our Home by the Sea. Part IV is a collection of well wishes from a range of different sources— governmental officials, educators, community leaders and sponsors.

This limited hardback-edition is now on sale! To order your copy visit s.hamptonu.edu/150_40_celebration_book call (757) 727-5508 or you can purchase a copy at the Hampton University Museum or Campus Bookstore. Buy your copy to commemorate 150 years of Hampton University and 40 years of service of President Dr. William R. Harvey today!


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