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Outstanding Hampton University Senior Hawkins-Rippie Prepares for Life After Graduation
05/04/2017 - #199

Hampton, Virginia – Hampton University Senior Jordyn Hawkins-Rippie is by all accounts an over achiever. With prestigious accolades, programs and internships under his belt, the 22-year-old has accomplished more than most middle-aged adults. But while titles and awards have earned him the right to boast, his gentle, humble demeanor and genuine concern for others is the light that sets this rising star apart.

During his time at HU, Hawkins-Rippie's high academic standing allowed him to join many social and prestigious organizations. He is a finalist for the Fulbright Scholar Program, a competitive scholarship for international educational exchange. He is a member of the Freddye T. Davy Honors College and the Dr. William R. Harvey Leadership Institute. Hawkins-Rippie was accepted to the University of California Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders fellowship program.  

“First and foremost, I would like to thank all of my professors, those who have given me great grades and those who have challenged me,” said Hawkins-Rippie. “They helped mold and shape me academically.” 

Additionally, Hawkins-Rippie has consistently maintained dean’s list standing since arriving at Hampton his freshman year. He is also a member of the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society and the Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. 

Born and raised in Baltimore, Hawkins-Rippie is the eldest of four children.

“Without my immediate family and distant relatives, I probably wouldn’t be here today. Their mentorship and constant support and guidance really helped me,” he said.

Growing up, Hawkins-Rippie attended Gilman School, a private preparatory school for boys in Baltimore. From sports to the performing arts, he took advantage of everything Gilman had to offer. His fascination with learning about people and cultures led him to become president of the Black Awareness Club and serve as a member of the Indian Awareness Club. That thirst for diversity led Hawkins-Rippie to apply to HBCUs like Hampton, Morehouse and Howard. He ultimately chose to call Hampton his ‘home by the sea.’

“I found that an HBCU would allow me to grow as a whole person, not only academically and develop the acumen that I needed in whatever discipline I decided to go into, but also as a person of color in broader society,” said Hawkins-Rippie.

While Hawkins-Rippie attributes much of his success to those who have supported him and exposed him to corporate culture since the beginning of his academic career, he also says that reading has played a major role: He said, “I am a very avid reader. I read almost anything from classics to pop culture. Reading gives you insight into someone else’s life and the way they view the world.”

As Hawkins-Rippie prepares for graduation, he has a lot to look forward to this summer. He was accepted for a highly competitive internship with Paul Ryan, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Following his internship on Capitol Hill, Hawkins-Rippie will head to Burlington, Massachusetts where he has been offered a full-time position with Oracle Corporation. 

“I really do enjoy serving,” he said. “Government and politics seemed to have naturally emerged over the last year or so.”

While Hawkins-Rippie is currently undecided in where he will attend graduate school, he is hoping that his summer experience will guide his decision.


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