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Nationally Recognized Hampton University Center for Public Policy Accurate in Final Presidential Poll
11/10/2016 - #88

Hampton, Va. — The nationally recognized Hampton University Center for Public Policy (CPP) accurately predicted Virginia going to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in its final poll in addition to correctly tracking the pulse of likely Virginia voters during the entire 2016 election season.

CPP's polls revealed just how unstable Virginia was as a swing state in this election. In its Oct. poll, CPP revealed that President-Elect Trump was ahead by three points and just days later in the final Poll CPP showed Clinton ahead by four. Both of these findings were proven to be true as the toggle for Virginia went back-and-forth until the final hours before Clinton won the state by five points.

HU political experts are also prepared to provide their analysis of the 2016 Presidential Election results as well as predictions on President-Elect Donald Trump's presidency.

Bill Thomas: Associate Vice President of Governmental Relations at HU and Trump delegate. Prior to this position he held positions as a Senior Vice President in commercial banking and as a consultant and economist for several private sector businesses with experience in commercial and real estate development. Mr. Thomas has significant political leadership experience in campaigns and fund raising, and economic development. Results orientated philosophy with local, state, federal and influential business and community leadership emphasizing, conservative public policy while building profitable collaborative partnerships. He has served a political advisor to Governor George Allen and former Speaker of the House Vance Wilkins.

Dr. Eric Claville: Associate political science professor and director of HU Pre-Law program, Claville successfully predicted both Donald Trump's Republican nomination and winning the Presidency. Claville is also the host of the radio program "The Claville Report”, which serves to educate the public about issues affecting them in the areas of law, policy and politics. Currently, it airs live every 5th Friday on 89.5 FM WHRV at Noon on Another View in the Hampton Roads area. Claville served as a local election expert for Norfolk TV station WTKR 3 during this election season.

Wayne Dawkins: Associate professor in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, Dawkins is an accomplished journalist and editor, spanning more than 11 years of dedicated service at HU.  He teaches a variety of Journalism courses and serves as an academic advisor and faculty advisor for student organizations, among other responsibilities. Before joining academia, Dawkins, a New York City native, was a reporter, editorial writer, columnist, and editor at four daily newspapers in New York, New Jersey, Indiana and Virginia, and digitally for BlackAmericaWeb.com 

HU can make any expert available via our on campus ReadyCam studio, which is capable of transmitting live or recorded broadcast quality HD video over the Internet to news media organizations around the world. The studio can also be used to stream webcasts and record video for the web and internal communications.  


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