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Ludwidg Louizaire Crowned 2018-2019 Miss Hampton University
10/25/2018 - #85

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HAMPTON, Va. (October 25, 2018) – On October 5, 2018, students and faculty gathered in the Hampton University Convocation Center as Ludwidg (Lulu) Louizaire was crowned the 61st Miss Hampton University for the 2018-2019 academic year, exhibiting her platform, “Uplift Leading Influence through the Arts.”

“Congratulations to Miss Louiziare on her recent crowning. She truly stands for everything a Hampton woman should be: positive moral character, outstanding leadership capabilities, and educational excellence,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey. “We’re excited to see what the year brings you.”

Coming to Hampton University, Louizaire knew she would receive the best education. During her freshman year, Louizaire was inspired by her peers to step outside of her comfort zone, and while taking full advantage of the opportunities her ‘Home by the Sea’ had to offer, she used her passion and commitment as a driving force to fulfill her campus dreams.

“A Hampton woman has so much meaning behind it. I am able to follow the path that other women have set forth for young ladies to grow. I’ve watched women that have graduated from the school become succeeding, determined, and flourishing leaders. I hope to be the same inspiration to the ones that look up to me,” said Louizaire. 

Louizaire was instilled to always be the best version of herself and was committed to making her best memories during her tenure at Hampton University. As she began to take advantage of her surroundings, she became an active leader in various organizations such as, Quintessence Executive Council, Hampton Player Theatres, WHOV news anchor, and she is a part of the Homecoming Committee. Louizaire has learned many vital skills from these various organizations and has complemented her southern soul with being the best Hampton Woman she can be.

Since her freshman year, Louizaire was inspired by former contests and former Miss Hampton University winners to compete in the pageant once she entered into her senior year.

“Being Miss Hampton University is more than just a smile and wave to me,” said Louizaire. “The position speaks volumes. The job is much more than just showing up to events and taking pictures. It’s about community service, making an impact, and setting a good example. The crown is nice to look at, but the work I have planned and going to put forth is going to be remarkable.”

Fine arts has played a passionate role throughout her tenure and she chose to implement her passion in her platform, “Uplift Leading Influence through the Arts.”                                       

With her title as the 61st Miss Hampton University, she will use her presence and platform to inspire and create a welcoming community, while exuding THE Standard of Excellence. “I want to thank my friends and family, but most importantly God for making this opportunity even possible. I can’t wait to be an inspiration of others and set a good example for future Hampton graduates,” said Louizaire.

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