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Lieutenant Alisha Maitland-White, Hampton University graduate Class of 2012, Speaks About Her New Position at ODU
08/29/2018 - #31

HAMPTON, Va. (August 29, 2018) — Lieutenant Alisha Maitland-White, Hampton University graduate Class of 2012, has recently been assigned as an admin officer for the Navy ROTC unit at Old Dominion University. We did a quick Q&A with her to find out more about her position and where she’s headed from here:


1. How did you get this position?

    I reached out to my detailer for options of billets after giving birth to my first son in January. I was given the option of returning to my commissioning unit and I was excited! After getting cleared by the universities, I received my orders.

2. What are your goals in this position?

    My main goal is to influence and mentor these young midshipmen. I thought back to when I was a midshipmen at Hampton and I knew how much of an impact it would have been to see someone that had been through the same road that I was looking to go into and also looked like me! (African American female). We come in a rare form in the Navy. Even if it is just one midshipman that can look at me and now believe that they can do it, I call that a win.

3. Where do you want to go after this? Is there a time limit on the position?

    I love the Navy. Where I go after this is undetermined as of now. I am looking into my options that are going to work best for me and my family. My orders for this position are for only 2 years, although I wish they were longer. Hopefully during my tour, I will have the opportunity to work over at Hampton.

4. How did your HU experience impact your service in the Navy?

    My experience at HU is one like no other. I didn’t realize until after I graduated that saying you went to Hampton University holds weight and I am proud to have experienced that. The NROTC program was a great stepping stone to beginning my naval career but I know that having an officer that worked at the unit during my tenure that I could relate to would have been a plus, they did a great job nonetheless.

5. Anything else you’d like to say?

    I love my alma mater so it’s an honor to have the opportunity to work and interact with the students sitting in the same seat that I sat in some years ago and ensure they are on the right path to being the best Naval Officers I know they will be.


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