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Katherine Johnson's Autobiography 'Reaching for the Moon'
07/12/2019 - #4
HAMPTON, Va. (July 12, 2019) – From Lt. Claude Vann: "I just completed reading Katherine Johnson's book, and I wanted you to be aware that it can be acquired from Barnes and Nobles, or Amazon. I got mine from Amazon for about $17.17 with tax. The title is 'Reaching for the Moon.'  For our younger Alumni, noted NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson was married to LTC(R) James Johnson, Class of 1952. In the book, Mrs. Johnson tells how she met LTC Johnson, and how she was amazed when he would go out and run with the Cadets.  I always knew LTC Johnson had been in the Navy, but she stated in the book he lied about his age to get in the Navy, this is before he entered Hampton Institute.

I have a long affiliation with the Johnson's and the family.  I went up to see Mrs. Johnson a couple of weeks ago and we had a great conversation.  I will always treasure the advice she gave me about my weight gain...'if you don't put it on then you won't have to worry about taking it off.'  How about that for advice?  I will have to write down all the pearls of wisdom she has shared over the years.
I enjoyed the book because she referred to a number of historical events which occurred during my life time and to me that makes it so much more interesting to read.  Before anyone asks, Mrs. Johnson will not be signing copies of the book. Let us remember she will be 101 on August 26th this year.
This is history folks, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it."


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