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Hip Hop Artists Will Showcase Talents at Hampton University
01/11/2017 - #136

Hampton, VA. – Hip hop has a deep history that reaches far beyond today’s top artists and Hampton University seeks to celebrate that history with the 3rd Annual Art of Hip Hop Summit and Showcase.

Birthed out of a need to bring hip hop back to its roots, HU Assistant Professor Idonia Barrett came up with the idea to showcase local artists who have a message.

With the help of her colleague and spoken word artist Dr. Kwame Brown, Assistant Professor of Psychology at HU, The event has grown to showcase a greater selection of talent each year.

“We did this to showcase the sides of hip hop that nobody sees. Quite frankly, what is on the radio is a perversion of hip hop subverted to corporate bottom lines and profit motives,” said Dr. Brown.

The event will explore the four main aspects of hip hop including art, emceeing, DJing and dance.

While hip hop is popular in the United States, its influence spans the globe.

“It is even more popular than rock and roll,” said Dr. Brown.

“I am a spoken word artist myself. This is something that has been deep to me ever since I was a kid. My dad is a poet and he raised me to respect the power of words,” said Dr. Brown.

James Weaver “4a.m./Chef Jimmy,” Devin Shaw “Devin Dennis,” and Darrius Smmers “The Joker” are among the many artists scheduled to appear.

The event takes place Feb. 8th from 9:30a.m. to 3:30p.m. in the Student ballroom.

For more information, visit http://4elementsaohh.com


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