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Hampton University Welcomes Freshmen; Parents Let Go
09/01/2017 - #25

HAMPTON, Va. (Aug. 14, 2017) – It’s that time of the year. Summer is over, and a new wave of students are calling Hampton University their “Home by the Sea.”

Droves of parents unloaded their children and their belongings and carted them up to their new dorm rooms during the two-day freshman move-in.

Henry Bell and his wife Cynthia, both Hampton University alumni (’91), spent the weekend saying goodbye to their oldest daughter, incoming freshmen Hailey Bell.

“Being an alumnus of Hampton, I was so proud that she chose to come here. She knew about Hampton and how it prepares you for the real world and builds the qualities of responsibility and character.” said Henry.

For the Bells and many like them, the weekend was a time to let go while also reuniting with college friends. The Bells, who met each other at HU, reconnected with former classmates Constance and Ted Caul (’91).

“Henry and I met during freshmen year,” said Ted Caul. “My son (Christian Caul) saw the connection we had built from college, and after attending a few homecomings with my wife and I, he chose to attend Hampton University.”

“When I look at what he has now compared to what we had when we were here, I am comforted,” said Constance Caul. “The facilities, the students being able to connect before the start of class and the level of discipline he is about to experience in the ROTC program is a blessing.”

It just so happens that Christian Caul, like Hailey Bell, is also starting his first year at Hampton University.

To help new students get acclimated, the Hampton University Department of Freshmen Studies planned a host of activities for the week.

“There are no classes going on,” Interim Director for the Department of Freshmen Studies Patra Johnson said. “They get to learn all of the academic buildings. They learn about their academic deans and the services that are available to them including the new Student Success Center.”

Students also had the opportunity to hear from Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey at the orientation opening session.

“To the parents, I extend a special welcome and express my appreciation for your decision to entrust Hampton University with your son or your daughter. To the students,” Harvey said, “today, you are embarking on one of the richest experiences of your entire life.

Over 20,000 men and women submitted applications for 1,200 slots available to freshmen and transfer students for the 2017-18 academic school year.

The new student population includes representatives from 33 states and the District of Columbia as well as countries such as The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbuda, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, Ireland, Serbia, and Singapore.

But despite its appeal world wide, Hampton University will always feel like a family.

Just ask the Bell’s and Caul’s. When asked what they would do if their children had a future together, they laughed and said, “Hey, we’ll keep it in the family.”


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