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Hampton University Welcomes 1,100 New Students
08/22/2013 - #4

Hampton University will welcome more than 1,100 new students on August 23 - 24. 

Students will have an activity-filled orientation and get acquainted with HU’s campus, meet with University administrators and Student Leaders, and move into their assigned residence halls.

“We are excited to welcome all of our new students to the Hampton University campus,” said Angela Boyd, Director of Admission.  “These students are arriving with strong academic skills and diverse backgrounds.”

The new HU students hail from 36 U.S. states, Washington D.C. and 14 countries including India, Trinidad and Tobago, China, Italy and Nigeria.  The top five states represented are Virginia, Maryland, New York, California and North Carolina.

Biology is the most popular major of entering students followed by journalism and communications, psychology, and business administration.

The 2013 entering class is ready to take on all of the opportunities HU has to offer.  Freshmen and transfer students alike will show their academic strength and make new friendships and memories that will last throughout their lifetimes.

For more information regarding the Hampton University 2013 New Student Orientation contact the Office of Freshmen Studies at 757-727-5243.


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