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Hampton University Town Hall Meeting 2018: Moving Forward
02/22/2018 - #148

HAMPTON, Va. (Feb. 22, 2018) —   President Harvey called a meeting with the Hampton University Student Leaders and members of the Administration to discuss some of the issues that were addressed at the Town Hall meeting held in the Student Center Ballroom on Tuesday, February 20, 2018. We appreciate students for coming forward to voice their concerns. In the spirit of shared governance, all matters were addressed.  

The Administration appreciates the bravery of students who come forward to address the important issue of sexual assault. The University empathizes with these students and considers this a very important matter. The Title IX Coordinator was present at the meeting and provided the group with an overview of the process. She agreed to provide students with additional educational sessions so they understand the process and feel comfortable with reporting incidents. During the meeting, we were assured that all reports submitted to the University’s Office of Title IX are handled according to federal guidelines. 

The Vice President for Administrative Services, Dr. Barbara L. Inman, and the Student Government Association President, Ms. Martha Baye, have agreed to meet to reconsider the re-establishment of “12-2.”  Dress and personal decorum are of much concern.  Students must be aware of their decorum and take responsibility for their conduct.  Students are strongly encouraged to consistently refer to the Hampton University Code of Conduct and Dress Code.  We are Hamptonians!

The University will implement a Food Services Working Group that will consist of approximately 10 students who will represent each of the classes, athletes, the Student Leadership Program, the Student Recruitment Team and other student groups.  This working group will meet at least once a month beginning March 2018.  The Student Government Association President or his/her designee will appoint members to the working group which will be chaired by Dr. Barbara L. Inman. Students will be able to make food suggestions, work continuously to deal with issues like food quality, facility maintenance, address student concerns and make recommendations. Mr. Kerwin Cromartie, Gourmet Services Resident District Manager, who is the manager of the University dining facility will also be a part of the working group.  The University will also invite Mrs. Valerie Goldston, owner of Gourmet Services, Incorporated, to hear suggestions. The working group will receive results from ALL health inspections regularly and provide this information to the student body.  Gourmet Services encourages students who have specific concerns to contact Mr. Kerwin Cromartie at HUdining@gourmetservices.com

Effective immediately, the Wellness Station featuring vegan friendly, gluten free, pescatarian and vegetarian options will be open 7 days a week instead of 5 days a week.  

The University will identify and hire a reputable independent company by March 1, 2018 to inspect for mold and mildew in every residence hall to include individual rooms and common areas. The University will request a report that will outline immediate fixes and permanent fixes to ALL issues. The contract will include timelines for completing the work. Progress reports will be communicated to the University community. To insure that the students are involved in the renovation process, they may now submit any repairs, maintenance requests and suggestions for the academic buildings to Mr. Jared Bourke, Student Government Association Vice President.  He will compile a list and submit these items directly to Mrs. Doretha Spells, Vice President for Business Affairs & Treasurer.

Over the past three years, the University has been involved in a 20 million dollar renovation plan.  Some of the projects include the building of a new 52-bed suite-style male residence hall, the transformation of James Hall into suites, Virginia Cleveland suites and the renovation of bathrooms in Twitchell and Kennedy Halls.  The University family will receive updates of all current and proposed projects regularly.

The Student Government Association and Student Leaders appreciate and acknowledge the efforts and diligence of ALUMNI in response to the Town Hall meeting.  Moving forward, we solicit your support in the following ways: increased effort in bridging the gap between students and alumni through internships, partnerships, in-kind services and making monetary donations to areas that directly affect campus life, such as residence halls, academic programs and departments.

We are pleased to present these solutions in collaboration with elected student leaders and the Administration to the student body and alumni as an active effort to bridge the gap. We look forward to the progress that will be made.


                                                                                         Martha Baye
                                                                                         President, Student Government Association


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