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Hampton University Students Reached the Elite 8 in the Honda Campus All Star Challenge
06/27/2019 - #295

HAMPTON, Va. (June 27, 2019) – Hampton University reaches the Elite 8, competing in the National Championship Tournament (NCT) of the 30th Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC).

“We are extremely proud of our students for reaching new heights. This competition is a great opportunity for Hampton University to showcase the world-class education our students receive at this illustrious university,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey.

The HCASC is a fast-paced buzzer competition, which highlights students’ academic prowess and ability to answer questions about history, science, literature, religion, the arts and pop culture.

Hampton University competed in the National Championship Tournament, which took place in Torrance, California in April. At the competition, 48 HBCUs competed for prize money from Honda. HU student, Aris Fulton, of Charlotte, NC, was the highest scorer from her division. She lead her team to the Elite 8.

“This competition was really exciting. All the goals we worked for and everything we prepared for. All we wanted to do this year was make the stage, no matter what and we exceeded that goal. I am satisfied. I literally don’t think we could have done a better job,” said Fulton, player.

Hampton University Team Roster for Year: 2019

1.     Clarence Stevens (Captain), Senior, Psychology. NJ

2.     Aris Fulton (Player), Senior, Communicative Science and Disorders, NC

3.     Jamari O’Neal (Player), Sophomore, Physics, Washington, DC

4.     Austin Woods (Player), Junior, Business-Administration, MI

5.     Sarah-Anne Leverette (Coach), VA

"Advancing to the Elite 8 was always a dream and to see it happen, brings me satisfaction. Games at this level in the competition are filmed at the Honda studios and can be viewed on the HCASC website and Youtube. Our team was blessed with dedicated players like our Captain Clarence and Austin and players like Aris and Jamari whose knowledge base proved to be a deciding factor for many games. We had to compete against five teams in the Black Division and then make it through the Sweet Sixteen in our game against North Carolina A&T," said Leverette. "Our journey started in the fall semester with campus scrimmages. Throughout the year we also traveled to Elizabeth City, Durham, and Richmond to scrimmage against ECSU, NCCU, VUU, and Howard. Professor Johnson was our Institutional Representative who drove us to many scrimmages. Hampton alums Myles Caggins III and PJ Green are both former HCASC players for HU and current HCASC volunteers who always find time to encourage us at NCT."

HCASC is a year-round program that centers on academic excellence, community service, leadership, networking opportunities and mentorship. It includes campus engagement, qualifying tournaments and culminates with the National Championship. Since 1989, Honda Campus All-Star recognized the academic talents of HBCU students. More than $9 million in grants from Honda have provided support for scholarships, facility upgrades and other investments to improve the student experience.

For more information about HCASC, go to www.hcasc.com



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