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Hampton University Student Gives TEDx Talk at Thomas Jefferson University
01/24/2020 - #160

HAMPTON, Va. (January 24, 2019) – Hampton University student and Student Government Association Vice President Bruce Wilson gave a TEDx Talk at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia about the importance of leadership development and service.

“Great job to Mr. Bruce Wilson for showcasing his tremendous talents in front of an engaged audience. Mr. Wilson is a great example of how our students let their lives do the singing,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey.

Wilson has been leading by example since his first year at Hampton when he realized the opportunities that student leadership offers individuals.

“I noticed a climate on the campus that I thought was too relaxed about student government and advocacy so I made it my mission to lead by example and attempt to raise the awareness of the doors that student government can open,” Wilson said. Fast forward to the summer of 2019 when Wilson received an email from a TEDx organizer, inviting him to be one of the inaugural speakers at their event at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

During the TEDx talk, he spoke about how student government in college is more than just student government; it can lead individuals to powerful places in the future.

“Student government is an outlet where students who have the urge to throw themselves in that ring of fire that we call leadership can. It’s that place where the girl who always volunteered to be the line leader of class can go on to be a Senator for her university. That little boy who made himself the team captain of every sport can be a representative for his class. And then [they can move] on to be scientists, thriving entrepreneurs, an award-winning actor, and just even the President of the United States,” Wilson said during the Tedx Talk.

Wilson also spoke about a variety of famous individuals who were involved in some sort of student government in their youth. “When student government works in its proper capacity, one can gain all of the skills and traits experts have distinguished as crucial to being a prosperous member in our society,” Wilson said during the Tedx Talk. “It can set someone up for a life of service, leadership and excellence.”

Bruce is a native of the Southside of Chicago, IL where he volunteers as a Peace Ambassador for The Support Group and works closely with community leaders. He is a political science major and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; Gloucester Institute Emerging Leader; a Scholar with The Institute for Responsible Citizenship; and the Greer Dawson Student Leadership Training Program.

After graduation, Wilson plans to continue his education to attain a master’s degree in public administration and continue on to law school to focus on constitutional law and civil litigation. “My heart is really in public service so wherever God sees most fit for me to serve, is wherever I’ll be happy and most effective,” said Wilson.

To see the entire TEDx Talk, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgKGk9R8E_M



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