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Hampton University Student Center Food Court has Added New Attractions
11/20/2019 - #117

HAMPTON, Va. (November 20, 2019) – The Hampton University Student Center food court has added a full-service Chick-fil-A, a Pizza Hut, Pirates Café is now serving Starbucks and Planet Smoothie has upgraded its equipment.

“We have upgraded our Chick-fil-A to be fully serviced and in addition, we now have a Pizza Hut Express. This is a great attraction to complement our illustrious University under the leadership of our Gourmet Services Resident District Manager, Kerwin Cromartie,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey.

“We are student driven. We listen to our students to figure out which entities will work best for this campus. We have had an express Chick-fil-A on campus for thirteen years, and now it is full-serviced. We have an express Pizza Hut with plans to do more with the franchise on campus as far as catering opportunities, delivery opportunities and we plan to offer Pizza Hut at athletic events. We have received an overwhelmingly amount of positive responses. We made sure to do things strategically,” said Gourmet Services Resident District Manager, Kerwin Cromartie.

Here are some reviews from folks about the changes.

“It’s nice to see that students, faculty and staff have more convenient options for food on campus. It certainly would have been nice to have a full-service Chick-fil-A when I was in school, but I’m glad to enjoy the upgrades as a staff member,” said LaPraya McCoy, Communications Specialist for the Hampton University Office of Alumni Affairs.

“I think the attractions are definitely a positive thing because based on the lines I’ve seen or the amount of pizza boxes I've seen coming out of the student center, it's definitely bringing in a lot of revenue, not only for those companies, but for the school as a whole,” said senior, Aviation major, Thomas Curry.

“It’s nice with the full express Chick-fil-A because we get a lot more variety. We have more options than sandwiches and fries all the time, now we can get a salad. Having Pizza Hut is nice because we don't have to order a pizza every night and have to worry about them looking for our dorms,” said sophomore, Bio-Chemistry major, Trinity Neal.


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