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Hampton University Professor Serves as WTKR Presidential Election Expert
09/28/2016 - #38

Hampton, Va. -- Hampton University Assistant Professor Dr. Eric Claville is serving as an election expert for Norfolk-based WTKR-TV’s ongoing 2016 Presidential election coverage. 

"The opportunity to speak to the Hampton Roads community by way of WTKR as part of HU community provides me opportunity to one educate the voting electorate,” said Claville.  I’m able to discuss the election process, to educate people about the issues and also speak on the candidates themselves, in order to help our viewers make a more intelligent decision when selecting the next President. 

Prior to Monday nights debate Claville, professor of Political Science and History at HU, provided pre presidential debate analysis where he outlined several things each candidate needed to accomplish in order to do well in the debate.

“Both [Hillary] Clinton and [Donald] Trump needed to look presidential,” said Claville.  “They also had to address the economy, specifically their plan on creating new jobs and growing the economy it self. And finally they had to address their specific national security plans, both domestic and abroad.”

Claville also noted several things that both candidates needed to do, to ensure the American people that their choice in the next commander-in-chief is the correct one. 

“Clinton had to remain poised, and not get tripped up by Trump,” said Claville. “ She had to keep her answers concise and speak to Bernie Sanders’ supporters to win them over. “Trump had stay on question and not ramble. He needed to avoid appearing condescending and rude when answering questions. And finally, Trump had to speak to the base of Republican party to win their support. This debate was very big because it showed the American people who their next commander-in-chief would be for the next four years."


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