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Hampton University Professor Provides Final Presidential Debate Analysis for WTKR
10/20/2016 - #66

Hampton, Va. -- Dr. Eric W. Claville, Hampton University Assistant Professor and creator of the National Award-Winning radio segment, The Claville Report: Law, Policy and Politics, provided live in studio and Facebook streaming expert analysis for the final Presidential Debate on Norfolk-based WTKR-TV for their ongoing 2016 Presidential election coverage. (http://wtkr.com/2016/10/19/trump-clinton-gear-up-for-final-showdown/).

As WTKR's Presidential Election expert Claville provided his analysis for each candidate live in studio for their 4pm, 5pm and 7pm newscast viewing audience and a recap for their 11pm newscast. Also, as part of WTKR's on-line initiative, Claville provided in-depth analysis at 8pm while live streaming on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WTKR3/?ref=page_internal). According to Facebook, Claville's analysis has over 5000 views and counting.

Wednesday night of the debate Claville outlined several things each candidate needed to accomplish in order to win the debate.

“Both [Hillary] Clinton and [Donald] Trump needed to appeal to certain issues and demographics,” said Claville.  “They both need to appeal to their base voters in order to energize them to vote on Election Day. Also, they both need to appeal to 'Main Street America' because they are still hurting economically. Finally, they both need to appeal to the undecided voters. These voters can turn the election in their favor in some battleground states."

Just as in the first debate analysis, Claville also noted several things that both candidates needed to do, to ensure the American people that their choice for the next commander-in-chief is the correct one.

“Clinton needs to continue to remain poised, and not get tripped up by Trump's antics or attacks,” said Claville. “She also needs to stay on message and speak to women voter issues. This is an area that she can address with confidence and possibly win a significant number of this demographic in light of Trump's past and present comments towards women."

“Trump must stay focused on debate issues and not become sidetracked into non-issues or tirades, said Claville." "He also can not appear to be condescending and rude when answering questions. This area has been a trouble spot for Trump. And finally, Trump has to stay on his economic message. This has been a big issue for him to win on both sides and can help him turn the election in his favor in a few battleground states."

"This debate was the final time each candidate had an opportunity to show the American people that they are the best to serve as their next President, said Claville."

Claville will be in studio all day for the November 8th election as WTKR's Presidential Election Expert on air and on-line. More information about times will be forth-coming.


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