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Hampton University Nursing Student, Raegan Tatum, Awarded $2,000 Scholarship
09/21/2018 - #47

HAMPTON, Va. (September 21, 2018) –Raegan Tatum, junior and a Hampton University nursing student, recently received the Mary Marshall Nursing RN Scholarship from the Virginia Department of Health in the amount of $2,000.

“Many congratulations to Raegan who continues to demonstrate the importance of values, character, and academic excellence,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey. “Dream no small dreams because you are a conduit and you have the courage to overcome every obstacle set before you.”

The Mary Marshall Nursing scholarship is intended for students enrolled in undergraduate nursing programs, and recipients are based on scholastic attainment, financial need, character, and adaptability to the nursing profession.

One of the unique stipulations of this scholarship is that for every $100 received as an award, recipients must agree to commit to a certain amount of time to work as a nurse full-time in the Commonwealth of Virginia after graduation. Tatum received $2,000 so she must commit to working full-time for one year. “The amount of money that I received, I have to commit at least a year in a hospital in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I’ve noticed that many nursing scholarships have the same stipulation and since it’s a government scholarship, it’s government money so they want you to give back their time in that way,” said Raegan Tatum, Hampton University nursing student and recipient of the Mary Marshall Nursing RN Scholarship.

“I am very excited and honored to receive this scholarship. Sometimes it’s a very long and tedious process to apply for these scholarships, but the reward at the end is the best,” said Tatum. “College is hard and it takes time and commitment, but the gain that you’ll get at the end is worth the sacrifice.”

Tatum is also involved in a few organizations on campus, including the Hampton University Student Nurses’ Association, Athletic Marketing, the Hampton University Student Recruitment Team, and she is a member of the Freddye T. Davy Honors College.

There are numerous scholarships available for students, and one way to find them is to check with the department of the student’s major. “The School of Nursing’s Office of Student Academic Support Services sends notification to all of our students of available scholarships,” said Dr. Shevellanie Lott, Dean of the Hampton University School of Nursing. “Raegan has applied for at least three scholarships that I am aware of, and last academic year was the recipient of the Title III Scholarship for $1,000. I am very proud of Raegan, she has demonstrated that a little hard work yields great rewards.”


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