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Hampton University Journalism Student featured in Sports Illustrated magazine
12/16/2016 - #123
HAMPTON, Va. - Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch in December gathered a dozen campus sports editors to discuss athletics and society.
Hampton Script sports editor Jelani Scott was in the mix.
“Whether it’s basketball games throughout the week or football games on Sunday, I make a concerted effort to be in front of a screen on game day,” said the senior and Honors College scholar. “When I’m away at school, I utilize my laptop to watch ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports and TNT via the Verizon Fios website using my parents’ login info. I also check the Bleacher Report app on my Samsung Galaxy S5 regularly for updates, highlights and clips from games I don’t have access to. At home, I stick to the tradition of watching games on TV on the same channels, but I also have access to NFL Network, NBA TV and ESPN News to get even more information.”
Scott said the toughest story he has worked on so far was an investigative report on Hampton Institute’s forgotten varsity baseball team, which functioned from 1880 to 1972. Scott said he searched the archives of the HU Museum, Harvey Library Peabody Collection, and he read several books on Negro League and HBCU baseball so he could compose the lengthy report.
Scott was enterprising during the 2015 NCAA basketball tournament. He boarded a chartered bus packed with fans and texted hour-by-hour reports of the 9 1/2 -hour journey to Louisville, Kentucky to witness the Hampton vs. No. 1-ranked University of Kentucky men’s game. Scott’s reporting appeared in the Script and on the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications blog.
As the only sports editor representing an HBCU, Scott also had the distinction of flying the banner of a non-power conference Division I sports campus. Eight of the 12 campus editors represented so-called top five power conference schools, the Big Ten [Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Maryland] and the PAC 12 [Stanford, Oregon and Arizona State].
Student editors from Columbia University, Ithaca College and the University of Portland also participated,
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