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05/14/2019 - #256

HAMPTON, Va. (May 14, 2019) – The Hampton Police Department held its 2019 Honor Awards and Police Memorial Service, which was conducted at FT Monroe. 

Officer Tyler Deherrara, Class of 2015 & an Army ROTC Commissionee, was being recognized for a Lifesaving Award.  Lt. Claude Vann is in a unique position to mentor/advise our graduates, and after Deherrara graduated from Hampton University,  Lt. Vann suggested that he speak to one of the Lieutenants he knew at the Police Academy, and he was subsequently hired into the Hampton Police Department. Deherrara has represented the Army ROTC program well. Elizabeth Lee was also recognized at the Awards ceremony.

Officers Tyler Deherrara and Elizabeth Lee 

On Friday, January 18, 2019, Hampton Communications received a complaint of a shooting. Officers Deherrara and Lee responded to the scene and located the victim whom was suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg.   After securing the safety of the scene the officers placed a tourniquet just above the wound stopping the bleeding.  Hampton medics and firefighters arrived at the scene and transported the victim to a local hospital for treatment.  Based on the amount of blood lost and that the victim was in shock, the medics believed that the victim would not have survived had it not been for the quick and heroic actions of Officers Deherrara and Lee. 

It is for these reasons that Officers Deherrara and Lee are being awarded the Hampton Police Division’s Life Saving Award.


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