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Hampton University Gains Attention of Local Media
10/05/2016 - #50

Hampton, VA – As Hampton University experiences a 40% increase in first-year student enrollment, the news has gained the attention of local media outlets, “Daily Press” and WVEC channel 13.

WVEC and the "Daily Press" interviewed Hampton University's Dean of Admissions, Angela Boyd. Boyd said that the increase is partly due to a strategic recruitment process that has been in the works for years. Boyd added that HU branded itself better, finding communities and high schools that seemed likely to have a population interested in attending Hampton. 

WVEC Reporter Chenue Her, interviewed Freshmen students Daizha Lankford and Daryl Cunningham last Friday.

Lankford, from Dallas, Texas, told WVEC that part of her decision to attend Hampton was to connect with others who share her culture.

Daryl Cunningham told WVEC that he felt similarly, but ultimately chose Hampton because “It felt like home.” “I have a long line of family members who went to Hampton University,” said Cunningham.

The “Daily Press” spoke to HU student Ashia Williams. Williams said that in high school, she was not used to being in a classroom filled with students that looked like her. That is why she chose to attend a historically black college. 


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