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Hampton University Concludes Annual Business of Engineering Program
07/10/2018 - #5

HAMPTON, Va. (July 10, 2018) - Hampton University wrapped up their annual Business of Engineering summer camp on June 30, 2018. The camp was filled with high school students practicing projects that demonstrate the interdependence of engineering and business.

“This program allows high school students to explore the ins and outs of both business and engineering,” said Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey. “Students get the chance to work together as a team, while challenging their work ethic. This program is not only necessary preparation for their education, but for their professional career, and we are excited to be part of it.”

Throughout the program, students were challenged with real-world decision making, using valuable techniques within the fields of business and engineering in making real-world choices. They were introduced to the engineering methodology of the entertaining, yet challenging world of engineering. Students participated in design contest, case studies, and educational field trips.

“It is a good experience to be involved in the Business of Engineering summer program as we introduce students to the integrated worlds of business and engineering,” said Dr. Jerald Dumas, Assistant Professor for the Hampton University School of Engineering. “The program is beneficial to students because they experience a myriad of activities that expose them to both engineering and business concepts. Such activities prepare them for a challenging case study that prepares them to work as teams and become effective communicators of their ideas.” 

The program challenged students to make decisions exercised in engineering and business projects that affect their daily lives. It is anticipated that when these students make decisions about their college careers in the future, they will have a better understanding of what to expect in their respective career paths.

“Overall, this was a very innovative experience that helped me learn a lot about business and I never really knew much about it,” said Amanuel Yoseph, rising ninth grader from Newport News, Va. “It also taught me how to speak up when I’m presenting, so that was very helpful for me.”

In just two weeks, the Business of Engineering program engaged students through collaborative and interactive activities, and challenged students through the exposure of problem solving techniques.

For more information about next year’s Business of Engineering summer program, go to http://busofeng.weebly.com/.


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