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Hampton University Alumnus Becomes a Virginia Governor's Fellow
11/22/2016 - #101

Hampton, VA – It is hard to miss Krystel Antwanett Jordan on Hampton University’s campus.

She is often seen wearing a bright smile that can illuminate a room.

Her positive exterior is a reflection of how well she manages her busy schedule.

Jordan is the Assistant Director of Athletic Marketing and Promotions at Hampton University. 

She says, “My love has always been teaching. My love has also been exposing our community to so many opportunities.”

While working at Hampton, Jordan is also working on her Ph.D. in Public Policy with an emphasis in legislative laws. 

On top of that, she is a mother to an 8-year-old daughter.

To deal with the daily stresses of life, Jodan credits her faith in God and the strong support system she has around her. 

She grew up in the Denbigh neighborhood of Newport News, VA.

She was awarded a scholarship for track and field at Hampton University.

But the ambitious athelete had another side to her that few knew about.

She worked as a model as a young girl and continued to model up until the age of 31. 

While modeling, Jordan decided to go back to school and receive her master’s degree in Non-Profit and Sports Administration. 

Jordan has worked with several professional athletes and their foundations.

She later worked in the sales and marketing departments for the Chicago Sky, WNBA-New York Knicks and New York Liberty. 

In the summer of 2016, Jordan was among a select group of students, statewide, to be selected for the prestigious Virginia Governor’s Fellows program.

“I have always wanted to give back. I believe in fairness and support. That is where the government comes into play,” said Jordan. 

Virginia Senator Dr. Mamie Locke, former dean of the School of Liberal Arts at HU, inspired Jordan to apply for the Governor’s Fellows program.

Prior to acceptance in the program, Dr. Locke invited Jordan to attend a dinner put on by the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus. 

That night, Jordan was introduced to Virginia Deputy Chief of Staff, Suzette Denslow.

The two sparked up a conversation about Jordan’s career goals. 

“From then on, we continued to converse via email,” said Jordan. “Then, I received a call. I screamed in my jeep with excitement. I said this is going to be a day of opportunity to be exposed to the government.”

As a Virginia Governor’s Fellow, Jordan was placed in the secretariat of finance.

“That was really exciting to actually see the budget and understand the budget,” she said.

Jordan had the opportunity to learn more about Virginia’s prison system, education department and state issues dealing with food insecurities.

She and a team of others in the program had the opportunity to make policy recommendations that Governor McAuliffe put into effect.

“It made me feel great that our voice was heard and that, as a people, we have to understand that we do matter,” said Jordan.

Once Jordan completes her Ph.D., she plans to write federal policies for the Department of Education. 

“The need is in support, exposure and funding. Funding lacks in a lot of areas,” she said. “It is important that our students and families of color have support.”

Jordan’s passion for helping others can be seen daily in her interactions with students.

As a former educator for Hampton City Public School and in her current role at Hampton University, Jordan has had plenty of opportunities to inspire others. 

“It just takes one person to believe in you and that can open up doors,” she said. 


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