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Hampton University's Senior Class President, Armohn Erskine, Heading to Work for Deloitte after Graduation
05/11/2020 - #237

HAMPTON, Va. (May 11, 2020) – Hampton University graduating senior Armohn Erskine, who is also the senior class president, will be heading to work for Deloitte as a Business Technology Analyst after graduation. Erskine will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a business management degree with a psychology minor.

At Erkine’s new job at Deloitte, which is slated to begin in July, he will work with clients to deliver technology solutions in different industries.

“I feel like this role will be a great fit for me and the beginning of my post-undergraduate career. I understand that the world is going digital. With that comes new and untapped avenues of business. Despite the fact that I am not a computer science or cyber security major, I have an interest in technology solutions. My management background bridges the gap and allows for me to apply my knowledge of business processes and strategy to the role,” Erskine said. “Classes in the James T. George School of Business such as Information/DP Systems Management taught by Dr. Karen Maxwell, in conjunction with courses taught by Dr. Gerard Hall such as Organizational Behavior and Business Policy & Strategy, increased my interest in consulting, strategy, and technology in corporate America. I have always been eager, and with my eagerness comes a strong desire to learn. I look forward to the mentorship and relationships that Deloitte has to offer, especially with such a strong Hampton alumni presence.”

Erskine spent time at KPMG last summer as a Federal Financial Management Advisory Intern. There, he was given financial data sets from his client that he and his intern team would be tasked to analyze to form optimal solutions for the agency. “Working with KPMG was a phenomenal opportunity that served as a steppingstone into the realm of consulting. As an analyst intern, I was able to see the day to day work of an analyst. My team was given the opportunity to present our findings to the partner’s client. It truly did give me my first real glimpse of corporate America,” Erskine said.

During his time at Hampton, Erskine served in class office as Senior Class President and Sophomore Class Vice President. In addition to this, he was a Senator in the Student Government Association for all four years of his academic career, a member of the Student Recruitment Team from his sophomore to senior year and a “Big” in Business Bigs, which is an organization created for mentorship in the School of Business.

“Serving in class office and in student government have helped me create relationships with students and faculty; it taught me how to be a liaison and a team player at the same time. It is important to understand the concerns of the student body and the concerns of administration and faculty. As much as the students want to hear their concerns addressed, the school’s administration looks to the student leaders to voice the actions and steps taken to make change behind closed doors,” Erskine said. “I understood that as Senior Class President you not only had to work hard, but it was important play hard as well. Being able to balance being fun and hard-working was one of the main reasons I ran for class office; I wanted to be a reflection of Onyx. Despite the year being cut short due to the pandemic and the senior class not having a senior week, as President, I wanted to make the most of every opportunity to bond with my class and make the year as enjoyable as possible. It is important to understand that as black diamonds, we form under pressure; the circumstances around us only make us stronger. We love our alma mater and will always wear our class name with pride.”

Erskine is a true Hamptonian. He even visited campus in high school. “My senior year of high school, I came to Hampton for Honors Visitation Weekend, which is an event put on by the Student Recruitment Team for a selected group of high school seniors where they come, and see what life is like at Hampton University. I was fortunate enough to visit, and meet students from all across the country, some of which became my best friends to this day off of simple interactions. Some became my roommates as the years went on, others became class and student government association leaders, but what we have all done is push each other to become the best versions of ourselves along with our academic careers. Without the help of them, I would not be where I am today; it is by God’s grace and His good will that we all will be graduating from ‘Our Home by the Sea’ in May of 2020.”

Erskine said his experience at Honors Visitation Weekend is what made him want to join the Student Recruitment Team and that the “Honors Vis” is one of his highlights to his fall semesters next to homecoming. Erskine was honored with the opportunity of hosting the 2019 Honors Visitation Weekend Scholarship Gala where he was able to reflect on his journey from his senior year of high school to his senior year of college.

Overall, Erskine’s experience at Hampton University was unparalleled and everything he learned will ensure a successful future. “The School of Business has been great to me and they have given me an opportunity grow and create connections with my peers and teachers. I was blessed with the opportunity to do a study abroad program with the School of Business as well. I have made lifelong friends with genuine people. The success that comes from Hampton alum is special and the culture that we sustain is second to none. There is such a sense of family and encouragement when you are at Hampton, that it just feels like home as soon as you step foot onto campus. To have alumni in your corner, who are successful, personable and want to help you, is so fundamental to the keeping the spirit of Hampton alive. It shows to me that Hampton exemplifies an ideal college experience, with the great times that only come from an HBCU,” Erskine said.

Erskine wanted to leave Hampton with a little advice to future Hamptonians. “Use this time coming into college to explore yourself and to find new opportunities. Find friends that have the same goals as you; friends that are planning to be successful and are willing to hold you accountable at all times. Had I known coming into college that I would be graduating as Senior Class President, with top honors and a high GPA, I would have laughed,” Erskine said. “Never limit yourself or think that you cannot achieve the highest honors, goals, or dreams that some may consider to be unfathomable. Form relationships with your professors and go to their offices. Make office hours your best friend, and not only during finals week! Don’t let the pandemic that we are currently facing deter you from Hampton or any goals that you have in mind. There is always a worse predicament than the one that you are in, and an individual wishing that your burdens were your blessings. You must persevere and push through at times when you grow homesick or discouraged. I would like to leave you all with this final quote: ‘We all face obstacles in life. Some of which we will conquer immediately, others we may fail. Failure is temporary, defeat is permanent.’ Learn from your mistakes, be positive, and remain optimistic.”



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