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Hampton University's Nationally Recognized CPP Poll Shows A Voter Toggle between Clinton & Trump with Just Hours Left to Vote
11/07/2016 - #83

Hampton, Va.— With only hours left before the 2016 Presidential Election, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a four point lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump, according to a poll released today by the nationally recognized  Hampton University Center for Public Policy (CPP).

The results of the CPP polling of registered VA voters likely to vote on tomorrow have flipped back and forth, between Clinton and Trump in the last few weeks leading up to election day. Just days ago, the CPP reported a four point increase for Trump after news of the FBI reopening it’s investigation into Clinton’s emails. But now as of this hour, yet another shift back in favor of Clinton.

When Virginians were asked if the election were held today, 45 percent of those surveyed would vote for Clinton and 41 percent would choose Trump, while a still high percentage of voters remain undecided (14 percent). This is a reversal of fortune from the last CPP poll for Trump; however, a great number of likely Virginia voters remaining undecided (14%), down only 1% since the last Center for Public Policy poll (CPP poll, November 2016 - Trump 44 percent, Clinton 41 percent ).  This late surge for Clinton demonstrates again how unstable the run for the White House has been as in the final days of Decision 2016. The latest poll was conducted Nov 2-6.

Q4. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote:

The Democratic ticket of
Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine
The Republican ticket of
Donald Trump & Mike Pence
Don’t Know/Refused 14%
TOTAL 100%


As people gear up to head to the polls on Election Tuesday, 85% of likely Virginia voters remain confident in the integrity of the voting process and system in the state of Virginia, an increase of three points from just two weeks ago.


Q15a. How confident are you in the integrity of the voting process and system in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

Very Confident 365 36%
Somewhat Confident 314 49%
Not very confident 85 11%
Not at all Confident 25 3%
Don't Know/Refused 13 2%
TOTAL 802 100%


While confidence remains high about the voting process, both candidates will head into Election Day with high unfavorable ratings from Virginia’s likely voters. The high unfavorable numbers have been consistent for both candidates throughout the election cycle. In this last CPP November poll before the general election, 55% hold an unfavorable view of Clinton, while 54% view Trump unfavorably.

Q15c. Would you say that what you have heard, read or seen about this investigation into Clinton’s email servers has made you:

More likely to vote for Clinton 4%
More likely to vote for Trump 29%
Has it not impacted your
voting decision Either way
Don’t Know/Refused 1%


Since the news about the FBI reopening an investigation into Clinton’s email had an affect on the last CPP poll, we asked respondents if the release of that news impacted his or her voting decision and if it made it more likely to vote for one candidate over the other. While 65% said the news has not impacted their voting decision either way, 29% said it made them more likely to vote for Trump. Only 4% stated the news made them more likely to vote for Clinton.

Voters will decide on the next President of the United States on Tuesday, November 8th, wrapping up a memorable and historic 2016 Presidential Election season.

The poll was conducted by the Hampton University Center for Public Policy (CPP) questioning 802 registered voters who said they were “likely” to vote on November 8, 2016 in the Virginia General Election.

The margin of error for the survey is +/- 4.4% for the full sample which was attained from the registered voter list for Virginia.

The HU Center for Public Policy is an objective, non-partisan source for information and solutions on a variety of topics. Along with HU’s mission of education and service, the Center for Public Policy stands to serve as the pulse of the people of Virginia.  For top line results, the executive summary and more information on the Hampton University Center for Public Policy call 757-727-5426 or visit http://www.hamptonu.edu/cpp/polls/.


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