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HU Sociology Professor Honored as one of 'Virginia's Top 26 Women Professors'
06/12/2013 - #78

Hampton, Va. – Dr. Zina McGee, Endowed Professor of Sociology at Hampton University, was recognized by StateStats.org and their partner site OnlineSchoolsVirginia.com as one of Virginia’s Top 26 Women Professors.

McGee and 25 other female professors at colleges and universities throughout Virginia were recognized for achieving many of the highest honors in their fields. In 2012, McGee received The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia’s Outstanding Faculty Award.

Conducting research into how minority youth cope with the stress of growing up amid high levels of crime and juvenile delinquency, McGee has broken barriers for women educators. “The role of teaching goes beyond the classroom,” said McGee. “My approach is designed to help my students contextualize the origins and consequences of delinquency in an effort to understand how such behavior can be reduced. Not only are students addressing the issue of youth violence in the classroom, but they are also involved in laboratory and field research in the community as they collect data and provide information on violence prevention strategies to children and their families.”

McGee understands that teaching must occur beyond the classroom to engage students and connect them to the larger setting. “The teacher can learn much from students and the roles of teacher and student can change from one moment to the next,” said McGee. “It is important to not only recognize pedagogy as the teaching of skills and concepts, but as a form of active learning from the students’ perspective.”

StateStats.org is a non-profit organization that builds free, open source tools with the goal of increasing accessibility to education and information through the use of new technologies. OnlineSchoolsVirginia.com strives to provide Virginia citizens with information about alternative post-secondary educational options, as well as information and advice regarding career choices in the state.


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