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HU Schools Modify Major Offerings
09/21/2012 - #15

The School of liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts now offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts. This new offering will allow students to study the broad scope of liberal arts offerings while also tailoring their degree to a very specific career path. Now during their junior and senior years, undergraduates who have declared this new major are free to build their schedules in pursuit of more specific concentrations. The concentrations now available in conjunction with the liberal arts degree include: international studies, law and justice, music management, urban studies, recreation and tourism, community and social services and emergency and disaster management.

 HU Provost Dr. Pamela Hammond and the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts Dr. Mamie Locke, after analyzing current offerings with the detailed career path tendencies of graduates, formulated this new major to allow students more flexibility in their academic careers. “The new offerings will allow students to customize their curriculum without being locked into political science, history, performing arts, etc. The last two years of the new major, students will sit with their advisors and map their plan,” said Locke.

 To earn this new degree students are required to complete an internship and their choice of either a service learning or study abroad program.

“The addition of the new major and concentrations will produce great job placement opportunities and employers will be able to hire candidates that not only possess top-notch writing, analytical and communication skills but also a broad base of knowledge with tailored interests,” said Dean Locke.

The Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications (SHSJC)

SHSJC has progressed its curriculum for new students beginning Fall 2012. Beginning the fall, students and Pre Journalism and Communications (JAC) majors, can select either journalism or strategic communications as their major. “We are at the beginning of a renaissance in terms of how journalism and communications are practiced. With our refocused curriculum and other new initiatives, we are putting the infrastructure in place to foster and unleash the digital genius that our students instinctively possess,” said SHSJC Dean Pulley.

 Studies of job postings and surveys of employers show that emerging journalism and communications professionals must be proficient across all media platforms.  Graduates must be able to produce content that includes video, audio, still photography, graphics, design and interactive features for the Web. These changes are congruent with modifications that are taking place in SHSJC.

The school has revised and expanded the journalism major that currently offers courses in print, broadcast and online news reporting, news writing, and news production. All majors will now include a new course entitled media entrepreneurship, which will provide a learning and "experimentation" environment for students with an interest in innovating and developing their own media businesses.  Also, the school has revised and expanded the strategic communication major that currently offers courses in public relations, advertising, and video production.

The school's course offerings are now more current and relevant, thereby meeting the expectations of the media industry and preparing graduates to be competitive in today's digital media marketplace.


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