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HU Poll: Presidential Candidates in a Statistical Dead Heat among Virginians
07/15/2016 - #4

Hampton, VA - If the Presidential election were held today the presumptive nominees running for President would be locked in a statistical dead heat with Virginia voters. That’s the statistical word from the prestigious Hampton University Center for Public Policy Statewide Survey of 805 likely voters. 

This new poll also gauged Virginia voters concerns about several hot issues that are being discussed across America that each candidate has also expressed their plans to tackle once in office; including terrorism/ ISIS, gun control, immigration, candidate favorability and more.  

With respect to gun control, about half of Virginians (52.8%) think that there should be a federal ban on automatic rifles. Among Virginians who think automatic rifles should be banned, 65.7% also believe there should be a ban on semi-automatic rifles. Plus, there is support for increasing regulations for gun purchases (60.8%).


Q13. Do you think there should be a federal ban on automatic rifles?

Yes 52.8%
No 42.7%
Don't know/Refused 4.6%
TOTAL 100%



Q14. How about semi-automatic rifles? Should there be a federal ban on semi-automatic rifles?

Yes 65.7%
No 27.1%
Don't know/Refused 7.1%
TOTAL 100%


Q15. Do you think there should be increased regulations of any kind placed on gun purchases?

Yes 60.8%
No 34.6%
Don't know/Refused 4.6%
TOTAL 100%


If the election were held today, 39.2% of Virginians say they would vote for Republican Donald Trump and 38.8% of Virginians say they would vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton. 

Q4. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote:

Donald Trump (R) 39.2%
Hillary Clinton (D) 38.8%
Don't know/Refused 22%
TOTAL 100%


With regard to terrorism, Virginians think that terrorism should be a priority for the next President as 54.6% of Virginians think that the United States should specifically counter terrorism by leading a ground force coalition against ISIS. Among those who do not think the U.S. should lead a coalition or do not know if the U.S. should lead a coalition, 58.3% say that the U.S. should participate in a multi-national ground force coalition.


Q16. Do you think the U.S. should lead a ground force coalition against ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq & Syria)?

Yes 54.6%
No 32.6%
Don't know/Refused 12.8%
TOTAL 100%




Q17. Do you think the U.S. should participate at all in a multi-nation ground force coalition against ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq & Syria)?

Yes 58.3%
No 26.8%
Don't know/Refused 14.9%
TOTAL 100%


On the topic of immigration,Virginians voiced great concern over current immigration practices in the country. While there are regulations in place, many believe the enforcement of those regulations are lacking and 80.2% favor actual enforcement of rules and regulations that prevent and stop illegal immigration into the United States. 


Q19. Currently, many regulations are in place regarding how to immigrate legally to the United States. Do you favor or oppose enforcing those regulations to prevent illegal immigration into the U.S.?

Favor 80.2%
Oppose 12.9%
Don't know/Refused 6.9%
TOTAL 100%



Q20. Would you prefer that there be decreased or increased regulations regarding legal immigration into the U.S.?

Decreased 24.3%
Increased 57.7%
Don't know/Refused 18%
TOTAL 100%




Both candidates are viewed as either “unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” by just over half of Virginians. More than half (53.4%) have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump, while 58.2% view Hillary Clinton unfavorably.



Q8 & 9. Do you believe Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton is trustworthy or not?

Feb. / July 2016
Feb. / July 2016
Trustworthy 28.5% / 36.7% 42% / 32.1%
Not 67.5% / 58.1% 56% / 64.4%
Don’t Know/Refused 4% / 5.2% 2% / 3.5%


And with only four months before the General Election in November, Hillary Clinton still struggles with gaining the trust of Virginians with 64 % of those surveyed responding that she is not trustworthy. That number is up significantly from 56% in February. Virginians do not trust Trump either with 58% of the respondents saying they do not believe he is trustworthy, but the level of trust is down from 68% in February.


The poll was conducted by the Hampton University Center for Public Policy (CPP) from July 6-July 10, 2016 and included 805 registered voters who said they were “likely” to vote on November 8, 2016 in the Virginia General Election.


The HU Center for Public Policy is an objective, non-partisan source for information and solutions on a variety of topics. Along with HU’s mission of education and service, the Center for Public Policy stands to serve as the pulse of the people of Virginia.  For top line results, the executive summary and more information on the Hampton University Center for Public Policy call 757-727-5426 or visit www.hamptonu.edu/cpp.


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