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HU Hosts 'Up From Willie: A Conversation'
11/29/2012 - #33

Hampton Va. – Hampton University will host “Up From Willie: A Conversation” Dec. 3, 7-9 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom. The conversation will focus on “Up From Slavery,” by Booker T. Washington and the “Willie Lynch Letter.”

Created and moderated by Sharrieff R. De'Johnette, assistant professor of history in the political science and history department, this event is being sponsored by the Freshmen Class and the Freshmen Studies Program.

“Through a collective conversation between scholars and students, the students will have a better sense of the African-American community in terms of history, culture and intellect,” said De’Johnette.

A power-house panel of scholars will discuss varied ideas, topics and themes presented in these two specific works. The goal of the event is to clear-up fallacies while lifting-up the African-American Community through historic correctness, contribution, advancements and realities.

The panel will include: Dr. Natalie Robertson, associate professor of history, will present what was going on with the institution of slavery and the daily life of slaves; Dr. Leona Johnson, assistant professor in the psychology department will present the post-traumatic slave syndrome and other psychological realities; Robert Watson, assistant professor of history will present the leadership and central ideas of Booker T. Washington; Larry Gillus, chair of entrepreneurial studies will present the idea and need for African Americans to create their own business; Eric Claville, J.D., assistant dean of the School of Liberal Arts, will present various laws that have impacted the African -American community.


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