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Commissioning Day for Three Hampton University Alumni
01/13/2020 - #150

HAMPTON, Va. (January 13, 2020) – Hamptonians: The Pirate Battalion commissioned three officers this past Saturday, which is a positive start for Hampton University in this new decade.  What better motivation could our Lieutenants get than from a graduate of the Class of 1983, Lieutenant General Robert S. Ferrell?  It is fascinating that LTG Ferrell's words ignites the fire which inspired those of us who were in attendance.  By the time the ceremony was over, the audience's response to his message was HOOAH!  Ms. Odessa's prayer at the beginning/end of the ceremony were like manna from Heaven.  LTC Marquis heaped praise upon the Dean, Liberal Arts, Dr. Linda Malone-Colon and Lt. Claude Vann, III for assisting him through his first semester in the Pirate Battalion. The truth be told that LTC Marquis and his staff deserve much of the credit for firing up our future leaders. The future looks so promising for our Pirates, but that doesn't let any of our Military alumni off the hook for giving back... in the way of our time, talent, or treasures.  Our success is dependent on each of us taking responsibility for those who will join our ranks upon graduation.

A new challenge and an exciting time to serve in the Armed Forces.


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