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11/03/2016 - #82
Hampton, Va. —  A team of architecture students at Hampton University are among the top finalist to receive a major scholarship throgh the 2016 Ford Motor Company HBCU Challenge. 
Each year, Ford Motor Company conducts a competition that supports student led community projects at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The purpose is to strengthen and contribute to underserved communities. 
When Joinana Hooks, a 4th year architecture major at HU, learned about the scholarship, she submitted a project that she and her fellow classmates had been working on in Norfolk. That project is geared toward finding solutions for rising sea levels and flooding issues in the NEON Arts District.  
“We have applied for funding for student stipends so wonderful students, like Joiana, can avoid having to take a job to support themselves and instead put their time and talent into looking at neighborhood scales and coming up with solutions for adaptation strategies,” said HU Associate Professor of Architecture, Mason Andrews.
Additionally, funding from the Ford Motor Company scholarship will help students see their project come to fruition. 
“We have a chance, with this project, to speak to the community and get their input before we come up with a final design. It is kind of cool to see people actually responding to questions because it is going to directly impact them,” said Joiana Hooks. 
“They are working with community members. They are working with area professionals. They are working with policy makers and they are working collaboratively with engineering students,” said Andrews. “I think that all of the students involved in it see an incredibly unique opportunity." 
The opportunity is unique, but it is not the first time students, in the Department of Architecture, have had to make a difference in the real world. 
"Our very first project won a HUD competition and is being built with a $100 million implementation grant,” said Andrews. 
That project is currently in the works in Chesapeak Heights.
"It is typical of our program to be engaged in community efforts,” said Department of Architecture Chair Robert Easter. “This is a unique opportunity in that it is an implementable project.” 
Those who wish to support HU have until Nov. 10th to cast their vote for the Ford Motor Company HBCU Challenge. Just click the link here to vote.  


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