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Business School Hosts Price Waterhouse Cooper For 2018 Freshman Leadership Summit
02/16/2018 - #141

HAMPTON, Va. (Feb. 16, 2018) -- Hampton University’s School of Business is giving its freshman a leg up in the business world by hosting representatives from Price Waterhouse Cooper tonight and tomorrow for its 2018 PWC Freshman Leadership Summit. 

The event brings Business School freshmen opportunities to improve their interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills. In addition, students will have opportunities to learn how to network and how to compete for monetary awards.

“This is a great opportunity for our freshmen to learn how important networking is within a profession, and how important it is to have interpersonal skills,” said event coordinator, Leslie West, from the Department of Accounting, Banking and Finance at the School of Business.

Students will also learn about forming a personal “brand,” write effective resumes (and the 30-second verbal resume known as an elevator speech) and share their brand during interviews.

But, more importantly, participants will see Price Waterhouse Cooper sharing its commitment to Hampton University’s students.

“This is so beneficial to get this information as freshmen, because they’ll have something solid to build upon,” West said. “Over the course of two days, they’re going to learn how to build a team, make solutions, and decide how to present something so that the client knows what we want them to know.”


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