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Brooklyne Baker: Miss Hampton University 2017-18
10/26/2017 - #73

HAMPTON, Va. -- October 6, the student body at Hampton University gathered in Ogden Hall to witness Brooklyne Baker, a senior journalism major from Richmond, crowned the 60th Miss Hampton University.

Baker was once a reluctant Hamptonian. Initially against the idea of attending Hampton University, Baker soon fell in love with her 'Home by the Sea'. Being a second generation Hamptonian, Baker’s mother instilled the love of Hampton upon her children, eventually making Brooklyne’s passion to serve this campus even stronger.

“Hampton University cultivated me into the woman I am today. Being Miss Hampton I can help cultivate other young women to fall in love with Hampton and become dynamic leaders of today.” Baker said

As her faith in Hampton (and herself) continued to grow, Baker became an active leader on campus, thrusting herself into campus organizations and leadership positions including the Greer Dawson Wilson Student Leadership Training Program, College Girls Ambassador and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Soon, Baker began to see herself transform into the Hampton woman.

Seeing her growth and aspirations come into fruition, Baker yearned to create something that would help girls around the world see the same light and growth she endured. Inspiring her to create the “Good Girl Movement” in 2016. What began initially as a blog with a purpose of “redefining what it means to be Good” soon turned into a flourishing campus organization with chapters at two different universities.

But, Baker soon realized that there had to be more she could do for her campus and community. Baker wanted to go to even further to ensure that young women in her community had the support and influence that they needed. With that drive, passion and the strong support of her mother, Baker declared her run for Miss Hampton University 2017.

“Being Miss Hampton means everything to me!”  said Baker “To be transparent, my mom and I fought every semester for me to be here financially so the fact that I'm only here by the grace of God it all makes sense as to why he made a way out of no way every time.”

With her platform “The Good Girl Movement,” Baker is using past experiences and knowledge to understand that each woman goes through trials and tribulations that change them but it does not define them. It’s about what you do with them that truly shapes you. With her title as the 60th Miss Hampton University there is no doubt she will use her platform to continue to inspire and motivate her campus and community, while setting the standard for Hampton Women.

“This was always in God’s plan for me and I'm forever grateful. I'm so ready to work and leave my legacy as the 60th Miss Hampton University,” said Baker.


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