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[The Fort Campbell Courier] 531st Hospital Center and supporting units deploy to New York City for COVID-19 relief
03/27/2020 - #211
HAMPTON, Va. (March 27, 2020) – Hamptonians: Although COVID-19 has the Nation in an uproar, in addition to our Public Health Service personnel, our Hampton Military Alumni are staging a counter attack against COVID-19.  The counter attack is being led by COL Brandon Pretlow, Class of 1992.  COL Pretlow is commanding a hospital unit at FT Campbell, KY and his unit is being deployed to New York to assist with patients in the area (See link below). We are proud of COL Pretlow, as he is a dynamic leader.  COL Pretlow has a great team with his Chief of Staff (wife), Stephanie Pretlow, also in the Class of 1992.  Plase keep them in your prayers as COL Pretlow and his Soldiers carry out their mission. 


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