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'Dream No Small Dreams II' Rally to Raise $150 Million For the Future of Hampton University, $100 million for Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute
10/26/2017 - #70

HAMPTON, Va. (Oct. 26, 2017) – Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey is fond of saying he “dreams no small dreams,” and that phrase fully captures the atmosphere for a campus-wide rally to raise $150 million noon this Friday, Oct. 27 on campus at Ogden Hall.

“This fund raising campaign will create an indelibly positive legacy on THE Standard of Excellence for our current and our future students,” said Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey. “I can think of no better way to celebrate 150 years of academic excellence at Hampton University than for our family to contribute to its future. Thus far, the campaign has raised $118 million of the desired $150 million.”

The campaign aims to fund:

Endowed Scholarship                                                   $50 million

Endowed Chairs and Professorship                              $20 million

Programmatic Enhancements                                       $25 million

Faculty Enhancements                                                  $15 million

Technology Enhancements,

Laboratory Facilities and Instrumentation                      $20 million

Academic Facilities                                                        $20 million

Endowed Scholarships will allow Hampton University to continue to recruit the best and brightest students, provide them scholarships and sustain their high achievements.

Hampton University’s strength depends first and foremost on its faculty for teaching, research, and serving students. To that end, Endowed Chairs and Professorships, especially in the areas of Business, Education Engineering, Journalism/Communications, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Pharmacy and Science are one of the priorities of the campaign.

Programmatic Enhancements benefit academic enrichment programs, known as Centers of Excellence, enabling Hampton University to strengthen its leadership role in education.  The Freddy T. Davy Honors College, the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute, the University Museum as well as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs will benefit from Dream No Small Dreams II.

Faculty Enhancements are funds to support the work of senior faculty members as well as recognizing promising young members of the faculty, including allowing for additional research and professional travel opportunities for faculty.

Hampton University always seeks to have the latest and newest tools with which to teach. Dream No Small Dreams II includes the opportunity for Technology Enhancements, Laboratory Facilities and Instrumentation improvements, including up-to-date instruments in labs, upgrading undergraduate teaching laboratories and first-rate tools to teach science, STEM fields, health sciences and bio-medical science research. 

Maintaining the beauty of one of the most iconic and beautiful campuses in the nation includes needed upgrades for facilities and buildings. One of the priorities of Dream No Small Dreams II is Academic Facilities, including a new School of Public Health, along with improvements to several buildings on campus.

Alongside Dream No Small Dreams II, the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute (HUPTI) also is unveiling a $100 million campaign to increase its scope and outreach. In operation since August 2010, HUPTI is the world’s largest free-standing Proton Therapy facility and has treated more than 2,000 prostate, head and neck, breast, lung, brain, pediatric, GI, pancreatic and other cancer patients. Proton Therapy is non-invasive, outpatient cancer treatment that allows patients to maintain their normal way of life during and after treatment.


Media interested in reporting on the Dream No Small Dreams II rally at Hampton University’s Ogden Hall at noon Friday, Oct. 27, should contact University Relations no later than 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 26 at (757) 727-5253.


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