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Student Spotlight - Michelle Jenkins

SRT President Michelle Jenkins

SRT President Michelle Jenkins

The Hampton University Student Recruitment Team (SRT) works in conjunction with the Office of Admission to recruit top students to Hampton University. The group operates as an arm of the University, even traveling offsite to represent their 'Home By The Sea.' As the University's largest, free recruiting event approaches, High School Day, the Student Connection spent some time with SRT President Michelle Jenkins to see the role SRT plays in planning this event and others.

Q: Why did you join SRT?
A: I joined SRT for two reasons. I wanted to be involved on campus and my big sister, who was also my next-door neighbor from home, really encouraged me to join. She was a team leader for SRT at the time. Also, I wanted to be with the group that put on the amazing event we know as High School Day. High School Day really influenced my decision to come to Hampton!

Q: As the President of SRT, what are some goals that you set for the organization in 2014?
A: As the President of SRT, I always aim to duplicate what went well the years before, and improve and implement goals during my time of service. One of the things I really wanted our organization to focus on is a heavier presence on campus and more involvement with technology and social media. I would say that we are definitely on board with those goals and are continuously improving on them. I also wanted the members to just be really excited and proud about the organization, and our contribution to the University.

Q: What does the group do to prepare for High School Day?
A: The Student Recruitment Team is involved in an array of activities and events that help us prepare for High School Day. We do three trial runs of High School Day before the event to create exciting and engaging chants for our visitors. The team leaders do a lot of prepping and planning to ensure the day runs smoothly. This means that we meet often to fine tune many of the details and events for the day. The Spirit and Special Events Committee is in charge of the logistics for Soundstage; they ensure that we have acts and that it is well organized and entertaining. And, as they are aptly named, the Tours, Desk Hours and Volunteerism Committee, coordinate the campus tours for the day.

Q: What are some of the duties that SRT members do on a regular basis?
A: Our members must do several duties and participate in several on and off campus activities, including giving individually schedule tours throughout the year, participating in a community service event, attending major admission events like Open House and Admitted Student Day and manning our SRT desk in the Whipple Barn Lobby.

Q: As a senior, what do you want to leave behind to the remaining SRT members?
A: As a senior and third year member of the team, I want the successors of SRT to really take pride in the team. We contribute a lot to the University and care a great deal about it, as well. I want the remaining SRT members to understand that what we're doing is really an act of service, and they should regard the work they do as such. I also want them to know that this is an extremely fun and family oriented organization. I am truly honored to say that I have been a part of such an outstanding organization, and what I deem the best organization on campus. It is my hope that the members that come after this cohort, can really relish in the greatness of what SRT has to offer.

-Brianna Dance '14