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Student Spotlight - Mark Landry, Jr.

Mark Landry, Jr.

Mark Landry, Jr.

Hampton University Senior Mark Landry, Jr. is this year's Black History Month Chairperson. It is his second year in the position. Find out what goes into the planning, and what students and the community can expect out of this year's events throughout February.

Q: This is your second year as Black History Month Chairperson. What do you enjoy most about the job?
A: I enjoy working with the diligent committee, as well as knowing that I have a part in celebrating and honoring my black heritage.

Q: What is your goal for this year's events throughout the month?
A: I want to have more participation and make more people aware of what's going on throughout the weeks. I also want more involvement, especially community involvement. I want people to remember Black History Month as a highlight of the semester at Hampton University.

Q: What is the meaning behind your theme – "Black America: Beyond The Surface?"
A: With the idea of black history, we want to go deeper. For example, before slavery, how was African culture then? Then, during the times of slavery and after that how has our black heritage stayed afloat?

Q: What feedback did you get from last year's events and how did you use it for this year's planning?
A: We heard that some of the events weren't convenient last year because they overlapped with a lot of the Greek Week events. So, this year's we are trying to incorporate the sororities and fraternities into the events we have, and we've asked them to help support Black History Month events. This year, we are doing more collaboration with Greek organizations and the Student Government Association (SGA).

Q: What type of things do you consider when planning events?
A: We consider, from years past, the attendance and how much students actually liked and appreciated a particular event.

Q: Do you have a favorite event?
A: Black Heritage Extravaganza (BHX) and really all of the events are my favorite, because Black History Month is my baby. I love all the events equally. I'm looking forward to everyone supporting the events and I hope it's a month that everyone can appreciate and recognize that HU supports, honors and celebrates black history.

Q: How can students and the community stay abreast of the month's events?
A: Students and the community can follow the official HU SGA Twitter, @HU_SGA, for updates and event happenings.

- Leha Byrd