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Student Spotlight - Ambur Smith

Ambur Smith is the 2013-2014 Student Government Association (SGA) Vice-President. She is a junior political science/pre law major from Milwaukee, Wis. Read more about her role as the SGA Vice President and what she wants to accomplish at HU.

What is your role as SGA Vice President?

As Vice President, I serve as the President's right hand and replacement in times of absence or an inability to fulfill his duties. I am also responsible for managing the Senate, as Speaker for the single legislative body of the student government association.

What made you choose Hampton over all of your other school choices?

Being invited to participate in HU's Honors Weekend my senior year of high school sealed the deal for me. It was then that I met my freshman roommate and received the William R. Harvey Presidential Scholarship.

What is SGA's goal for the student body?

As Vice President, I aim to further SGA's agenda of creating greater visibility and thus accountability for the association. SGA also hopes to increase school spirit and morale through active participation and enthusiasm toward various school wide events, ranging from sports to theatrical productions. Furthermore, we hope to aid in both the individual and combined empowerment of the young men and women on our campus, through initiatives set forth by our Men's and Women's caucus.

What inspired you to run for SGA VP?

As an aspiring lawyer and elected official, representation is key to both my personal and professional goals. For that reason, I recognize the need to challenge myself and also gain necessary experience. Ultimately, serving as the SGA Vice President allows me to serve as a representative and advocate for those that might otherwise have their concerns go unheard. My primary motivation is empowerment, something I am able to facilitate through advocacy, for instance, during the University's Administrative Council Meetings.

What change do you wish to see in Hampton?

As a proud Hamptonian, I am able to recognize both the strengths and shortcomings of our beloved Home By The Sea. Primarily, I hope to see student resources improve, as they will directly contribute to a heightened atmosphere of academic excellence. These resources might include up to date scientific laboratory equipment, computers and printers made available in the residence halls, and better Wi-Fi connectivity. With the exception of our technological progress, HU has everything it needs to continue to grow as a competitive and relevant institution.

How has being SGA VP changed you as a person and as a Hampton student?

Serving in this capacity has not only opened my eyes to my own capabilities as an individual, but also the abilities of my fellow Hamptonians. Since taking office I have had the pleasure of working with a number of students just as eager and determined to contribute to positive change here on Hampton's campus as I am. This has not only motivated me to advocate diligently as a representative of this exceptional student body, but also to cherish my time hear at Hampton as well as the lifelong relationships I have built.

What was your role in the last President Barack Obama campaign? How do you think your involvement in the campaign factors into what your duties as SGA VP?

This past fall I served as an Organizing Fellow/Intern. As an intern I learned the importance of grassroots campaigning, and connecting with those in the community on a basic universal level that centers around respect, inclusion and most of all, empowerment. These principles appropriately describe the approach any leader or organization should take in regards to those it represents or helps lead. Consequently, I am able to implement what I have learned into how I aid in the success of this years administration alongside SGA President Da'Quan Love.

- Mechala Simpson '15