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New Dean on Pursuit of
Perfection for the HU School of Science

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Dr. Calvin Lowe

Home to a diverse set of majors and minors, the Hampton University School of Science caters to students with interest in robotics, the medical field, education, atmospheric sciences and the human genome, among other major research areas.

Leading the school into the next frontier of research and discovery in various areas of science is Dr. Calvin Lowe, dean of the HU School of Science.
Lowe is a former president at Bowie State University in Maryland.  Most recently, Lowe served as vice president of research and program development at the National Institute of Aerospace.  He is no stranger tour “Home by the Sea” and has served as assistant professor in the Department of Physics and as the vice president for research and dean of the graduate school here at HU.

The Student Connection had the pleasure of speaking with Lowe about the future of the School of Science.

SC: What are your plans for the School of Science.
CL: The School of Science has to take the lead in moving HU to the next level in research. Dr. Harvey wants HU to become a research-intensive university. That means even more engagement in leading-edge research than we have now.  I am asking faculty in the School of Science to think about and help design this new school and to work toward its implementation over the next decade.

We have really exciting programs in the School of Science. Students in the environmental and marine science program travel and learn hands-on in the oceans they study. Our computer science program is a leader in robotics and information security education. Students in the biology program not only go on to medical school but also to do research and earn PhD degrees. The School of Science is doing some good stuff and I hope students who have an interest in becoming a scientist will take a look at us.

SC: Outside of Hampton, what are some things you enjoy doing?
CL: One thing I enjoy is teaching a math tutorial at my church on Saturday mornings. It is important to get students exposed to math early and encourage them to be more than proficient.

SC: As an educator and dean, can you give your students any advice.
CL: Take your education seriously; it is a great time of your life. Most have no real responsibilities outside of their education and should take advantage of this time.  Realize you will face adversity anytime you are tying to accomplish something. Your success is based on how you handle that adversity.  I have charged the faculty to challenge the students even more.

There was an old slogan by a certain automaker that proclaimed them to be in the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Perfection is a place that you work toward, while excellence is the journey that you take. Right now the School of Science is relentlessly pursuing perfection in education and research.

- Naima A. Gethers