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Faculty Q&A - Nashid Madyun 

New Museum Director Wants to
Increase Student Involvement in Museum Activities

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The Student Connection sat down with the new Hampton University Museum Director Nashid Madyun to see what his plans are for the oldest African-American museum in the country. 

S.C. What made you to take on the position of being the new museum director?
N.M. It is one of the oldest museums in the country and Hampton U is a very prestigious HBCU.

S.C. What intrigues you most about the museum?
N.M. I am impressed by the wealth of the archives and the integration of the many races and cultures. This museum integrates art and history and has extensive archives, is the publisher of the International Review of African American Art, which is the only journal of its kind in the country.  The journal gives people the opportunity to explore immersing and traditional artists.

S.C. What are some of your plans as the new museum director of Hampton University?
N.M. I would like to increase student involvement by working with the different departments and exploring projects and collaborations.

S.C. What is your favorite exhibit?
N.M. The contemporary art because of what it represents. It represents traditional and emerging styles. But I cannot over look the 19th century gallery that takes us through the Harlem Renaissance, which represents and how African Americans have influenced and impacted art and the world.

S.C. What is your favorite time in history?
N.M. The Reconstruction era was one of my favorites because African Americans were truly recognized for being innovative, generating new forms of income, creating cities, and contributing to progress. This was not anticipated for African Americans to do so after the civil war.

To get involved with Museum Activities or to join the Biggers Circle, the student membership program for the museum, call 757-727-5508.

- Carla Gibson